Friday, April 26, 2013

Mixed Bag

I don't consider myself a Landscape Photographer....I do enjoy my camera, and as I'm not working in Germany as a photographer, but a hobby photographer, I look for things to photograph.

The first image I took last night....the sunset. I was out looking for the Full moon, but didnt find it.
 The image below I took in Abu Dhabi last week. A few of us went out for Brunch and then stopped at this place for drinks....was lovely view, reminded me of the last visit, during the evening, so looked totally different.
 Sitting at the same spot in Abu Dhabi, I watched the sun setting behind the famous Abu Dhabi Mosque. I only had my small Point and shoot Sony camera with me this visit.
 The photo of the city I took through a small gap of my daughters bedroom window - this was when I was glad I had a smaller cybershot and not my usual heavy Nikon D700.....
 The photo below was taken one evening before I went to Abu Dhabu of the sunset looking out from my office window and home. ...was a beautiful evening after the cold winter.
 One afternoon while walking at the bottom of my garden I sat on a stone and looked up to the heavens...took this image as I loved the clouds and the blue sky...
 The last few images I took while out photographing two soccer games for the newspaper.....while the players were on the otherside of the field, I photographed the land around the soccer field.